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Basement Excavation in Dartford, Kent and Medway | Basement Construction

You do not need to have an existing basement or a cellar at a Kent or Medway property to expand downwards. Our groundwork company offers a basement excavation and construction service to create new living space for private homeowners, or to optimise investment and outlay for commercial clients and developers. The experience of our groundwork contractors makes Bon Groundwork Ltd an ideal choice for this type of work.

Based in Orpington, we have excavated and constructed basements for many properties in the surrounding Bromley, Dartford, Maidstone, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells areas since we first started out in business back in 1979.

If you would like our groundwork company to provide basement excavation and construction services for your home or development, please contact us on 01689 862285.

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Retrofit Basements

A retrofit involves basement excavation beneath an existing property. Unlike an extension, this is a complex process and one the requires a number of considerations related to the property structure. Bon Groundwork Ltd can perform a soil test and will check the foundations to ensure the ground is in a stable condition for excavation. To keep sites safe, we erect hoardings before creating an external hole and removing soil.

Basement excavation and construction requires a strong outlook on safety. Our groundwork company has a team with the knowledge, and the experience needed, to make sure your project runs safely, to time and to the agreed budget.

When we undertake basement constructions in Bromley, Dartford, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding Kent and Medway areas, Bon Groundwork Ltd also provides waste removal and drainage services. We plan the job around accurate calculations to ensure the physical build and the foundations support the subsequent work.

Because this type of work can take anywhere from between a few weeks to a couple of months to complete, our groundwork contractors work closely with customers, clients and developers to minimise disruption.

During all basement excavation and construction works, we assign project managers with SMSTS and SSSTS training.

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Below-Garden Basements

Retrofit basements use land underneath your Kent or Medway property whereas under-garden basements, understandably, use space underneath the garden. It is possible for our groundwork company to perform basement excavation and construction work on both styles simultaneously to offer homes or developments sizeable volumes of underground space.

For our domestic customers in Orpington and the surrounding Bromley, Dartford, Maidstone, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells areas, under-garden basements cause less disruption to their daily routines, and to those of their neighbours.

Again, we check soil conditions before starting work, but under-garden basements pose fewer structural risks to your property than retrofit basements. Bon Groundwork Ltd can advise on the best type of basement for your needs.

We offer a start-to-finish service to cover the design work, the planning, gaining approvals and permissions, excavation and, of course, the physical construction of the basement.

Call 01689 862285 for help and advice on basement excavation and construction. We welcome enquiries from customers and clients in Dartford, Kent and Medway.

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