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Basements, Drainage and Foundations in Bromley | The Use of Concrete in Groundworks

Concrete is a material used by our groundwork company on a daily basis. We use it in basement excavation and construction, when working on surface water and foul drainage systems, and for laying foundations. It also has applications in the construction of pathways, roads, buildings and bridges. Concrete is the most common manmade material found in Bromley.

Groundwork contractors will know that concrete is a composite, comprised of a cement, aggregate and water mix. It pours as a wet material and then hardens over time.

Our groundwork company uses traditional concrete, waterproof concrete and reinforced concrete. While Bon Groundwork Ltd works with concrete on modern-day projects in the Bromley area, it dates back to when Egyptians first used it for foundations and construction in the times of Cleopatra.

Today, it is a first-choice material in basement excavation and construction, and in the installation and repair of foul drainage systems, because it has many positive characteristics and only a very small handful of limitations.

This goes some way to explaining why groundwork contractors and builders use concrete so often.

Concrete has very few limitations, but it does have a low tensile strength and a low strength-to-weight ratio. It also has low ductility and, when used on unsuitable projects in the Bromley area, it has a susceptibility to crack.

Basement Excavation and Construction

The use of concrete in basement construction makes absolute sense to groundwork contractors and builders. It provides a stable base for the rest of the build to rest on, and it creates an enclosed space that is waterproof, weatherproof and protected from pests. Compressive strength stops the concrete foundations in basements from shifting for 100 years or more.

The field of basement excavation and construction often sees concrete reinforced by steel bars. With modern design systems, our groundwork company can deliver architectural finishes for properties in Bromley with excellent insulation values.

Foul Drainage

Our groundwork contractors are specialists in foul drainage and surface water systems, in mains sewer connections, and in deep drainage work. In construction, pre-cast concrete spigots and socket joints must meet BS EN 1916:2002 standards for foul drainage and surface water applications. Typically, we use a combination of ovoid and perforated concrete pipes.

The Roman Empire used concrete to improve sanitation and evidence of their pipework exists to the current day. Croft Roman Villa, in the London Borough of Bromley, near Orpington, even has evidence of an early underfloor heating installation.

When used for foul drainage and surface water work, concrete increases cost savings and lowers environmental impact.


Concrete foundations provide support for physical structures in the Bromley area. Concrete foundations transfer weight loads into the surrounding rock and soil layers, which have the perfect characteristics needed to offer support. Our groundwork company takes ground conditions and weight loads into consideration when planning for foundations.

Typically, foundations fall into two main areas, shallow and deep. We use shallow foundations for hard landscaping work, and deep foundations for projects where surface soil won’t support the weight load of the physical structure.

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