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Groundwork Contractors in Dartford | The Importance of Groundworks in Construction

What do you know about groundwork contractors and their role in the construction industry? Groundwork is sometimes a forgotten service aspect that doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. If you have plans for a basement excavation project, need to install a foul drainage system or have to lay foundations for a build, you’ll need a groundwork company.

Bon Groundwork Ltd is the name to trust for services in Dartford, and in the surrounding Kent and Medway areas.

Groundwork contractors are the tradesmen who play the important first part in any type of construction or hard landscaping project. Groundwork itself refers to excavation, ground preparation and subsurface installation. It begins with the clearance of the worksite and continues to the point where the groundwork company you choose lays down the foundations.

You can use groundwork contractors for a range of projects in the Dartford area, not just for the construction of buildings. Basement excavation is one such area, but utilities is another. Our own company often manages the groundwork phases for foul drainage and surface water installations, deep drainage work, gas pipework and even fibre optic cables.

There’s more to groundwork than just foundations, and more to our company than just basic construction work.

The Importance of Groundwork

When constructing builds or performing basement excavations, the weight load of the structure relies heavily on the strength of the foundations. This makes groundwork integral to the success of projects in Dartford and the surrounding areas. Only an established groundwork company has the knowledge required to manage the calculations needed for foundations.

The same is true of foul drainage and surface water systems. Our groundwork contractors use pre-cast concrete spigots and socket joints to deliver installations of a superior standard.

It is often a requirement of the UK Building Regulations, and of the local authority for Dartford, for a company to perform a ground investigation ahead of enabling other works. This helps in identifying soil conditions, stability levels and any potential issues that might arise from previous land use.

The data derived from ground investigations allows a groundwork company to plan basement excavations, foul drainage installations and other types of subsurface work in a way that caters for hydrology, geology and even contamination. Before we can lay the foundations at any site in Dartford, these are all considerations Bon Groundwork Ltd must account for.

Drainage and Foundations

Foundations interface buildings, basement excavation projects and many other types of construction work. They support the structure to stop it from shifting, splitting or unbalancing. Structural engineers and groundwork contractors assess site conditions on new and existing builds, often recommending structural alterations, or underpinning work, on properties where changes to ground conditions have caused problems.

In the case of foul drainage and surface water issues, damage to the underground systems of Dartford properties can lead to contamination. A groundwork company can offer you a full remedial repair service to restore sanitary conditions.

As you can see, groundwork plays a pivotal role before, during and after the key stages of construction.

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