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Foul Drainage in Medway and Kent | Drainage Services

Bon Groundwork Ltd is a specialist in underground services. Located in Orpington, and covering all areas in Kent and Medway, we combine excavation and groundworks with a professional range of drainage services. Our groundwork contractors have experience in surface water and foul drainage systems, in deep drainage, and in mains sewer connections.

Areas covered by our groundwork company include Bromley, Dartford, Maidstone, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells.

We can provide drainage services on a standalone basis, or to enable work for other contractors and developers. Because most drainage systems are subsurface, groundwork contractors have an important role to play in their installation, maintenance and repair. A damaged system could see surface water runoff contaminated by foul drainage, leading to unsanitary conditions which could have a negative impact on health.

Other considerations include shared drainage systems, an important factor when working on commercial grounds or on existing developments. Because Bon Groundwork Ltd meets the needs of private customers, commercial clients and developers in Kent and Medway, there is very little in the field of drainage work that our contractors can’t help you with.

Mains Sewer Connections

Choose our groundwork company to provide connections to main sewer systems. We can manage section notices from water authorities, and from highway departments led by local authorities in the Bromley, Dartford, Maidstone, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells areas. This is a start-to-finish drainage service, primarily one where our groundwork contractors connect properties to surface water and foul drainage systems.

Bon Groundwork Ltd can manage simple or manhole connections on roads, on private properties or on developments. We also welcome complex civil engineering and infrastructural work.

We can play an active role in helping you to attain the required section notices, and we can often connect in just a few days. Projects take longer to complete when the mains sewer is located a significant distance from the site.

Should you have plans on installing a cesspit, a septic tank or a sewage treatment plant instead, our experience in excavation, groundwork and foundations makes Bon Groundwork Ltd an ideal choice for these types of projects.

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Foul Drainage

A foul drainage system is a pipe network that transfers waste from kitchens, bathrooms and appliances, from properties in Kent and Medway, into the mains sewer. Foul wastewater eventually reaches a local plant where it undergoes treatment. Surface water is rain or stormwater, directed into a separate part of the system by drains or by guttering systems.

Because surface water runoff has no contamination, it usually disperses into soakaways, streams or rivers in the Bromley, Dartford, Maidstone, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells areas.

Compromises in the drainage system, or misconnections during the original installation, can lead to foul drainage water and surface water mixing. This results in contaminated water. Once contaminated water disperses and reaches the water table, it makes land conditions unsanitary and, in turn, poses a significant threat to human and animal life.

Our groundwork company can deal with drainage installation and repair needs in a professional manner, keeping foul drainage and surface water systems contained and in good working order.

Deep Drainage

The unpredictability of water makes it dangerous if you don’t use competent tradesmen to handle and manage it correctly. Our groundwork contractors have vast experience in deep drainage. They use their skills to reduce risks, to provide maintenance and repair services, and to develop core foundations during any stage of a project or development.

Bon Groundwork Ltd has pumping and trenching equipment available to make deep drainage work more efficient.

We offer services to the private and public sectors, using the experience of our contractors to reduce surface water issues around homes, developments, industries, public land and sports fields. Bon Groundwork Ltd can help to make land areas in Kent and Medway more accessible, processable and useable.

Call 01689 862285 for help and advice on mains, deep and foul drainage. We welcome enquiries from customers and clients in the Kent and Medway areas.

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