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Foundations in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and Medway | House Foundations

Located in Orpington, and with services available in Bromley, Dartford, Maidstone, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells, Bon Groundwork Ltd is an established groundwork company for Kent and Medway that specialises in foundations. In construction, foundations distribute the weight of a physical structure. They stop soil from spreading and keep the settlement of the build balanced to prevent structural issues in the future.

Our groundwork contractors can clear sites to provide private customers, commercial clients and developers with a blank canvas for construction. We have the personnel and the plant needed to excavate land, and the skills required to lay house foundations to the specification of the project.

Like any reputable groundwork company, we have experience in shuttering, formwork and falsework. These are processes where our contractors create a temporary or a permanent mould. This is a cast for the concrete that forms house foundations.

Bon Groundwork Ltd can offer you a start-to-finish service, applying value engineering to the cost of your projects and managing it to the point where other contractors can take over. We specialise in steelwork, steel fixings and rebars.

We also undertake basement excavation and construction work.

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This is a process used on sites in the Kent and Medway areas to strengthen the original foundations of an existing build. Our groundwork contractors extend the depth and the breadth of foundations to a point where the soil supports the load of the build across a larger area. We then use piles to underpin the property or, in other cases, we might use concrete or a resin.

The original foundations can fail for many reasons:

• Insufficient strength and stability
• Changes in the soil structure
• Changes in the use of the property

• Construction of nearby buildings
• Impact of natural disasters
• Increase in the depth or load capacity

Customers in Orpington, and those in the surrounding Bromley, Dartford, Maidstone, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells areas, can use us for concrete underpinning, for beam underpinning or for underpinning using pilings. The ultimate aim of this type of work is to permanently strengthen the foundations, and to eliminate the potential for repeated structural defects.

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Pre-Cast Concrete Beams

Ground beams are concrete structures, often used for multiple property builds in adjacent spaces. In pre-cast form, they help groundwork contractors and builders to provide support for brickwork, blockwork, and other types of construction, more quickly than with traditional foundations and footings. In some case, contractors may use pre-cast concrete beams as a permanent form of shuttering or formwork.

Our groundwork company has vast experience in the use of pre-cast concrete beams as an alternative to poured concrete foundations. Bon Groundwork Ltd can also work with steel rebars, a material used to create tension in reinforced concrete and in reinforced masonry.

Foundations are a key consideration for groundwork contractors and our own company can work on foundations of any size, and on any scale. We can provide surveys and consultations in all parts of Kent and Medway, including our key service areas of Bromley,
Dartford, Maidstone, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells.

Should you wish to see case studies for foundations, we have examples available on request.

Call 01689 862285 for help and advice with foundations. Our groundwork company welcomes enquiries from customers and clients in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and Medway.

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