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Groundwork Company in Maidstone | Safety-Focused Groundwork Services

Safety is an integral part of our groundwork company. Located in Orpington, Bon Groundwork Ltd has made safety a priority on projects in the nearby Maidstone area since 1979. When our groundwork contractors work on construction or basement excavations, or when they lay foundations, their safety, and that of other contractors and members of the general public, becomes their most important consideration.

And it isn’t just the immediate danger of plant, network cables and potentially dangerous structures that we have to worry about. Because our groundwork company also specialises in foul drainage systems, we have to consider other dangers to health such as the impact of water contamination.

Because the health & safety regulations that govern our sector constantly change, upholding standard across sites in the Maidstone area presents us with many challenges. We overcome these challenges through regular reporting, and by making sure our groundwork contractors receive the appropriate training.

This is why, when it comes to safety, Bon Groundwork Ltd is a trusted choice for construction and basement excavation, foundations, underpinning, hard landscaping and foul drainage services in all surrounding Kent and Medway areas.

Assessing Risk

We factor risk into all elements of excavation and groundwork. Knowing what lies beneath the subsurface of land, pavements and roads helps us to manage that risk. If a client wants us to prepare foundations in a developed part of Maidstone, we have to factor in the presence of electrical cables, gas pipework, and surface water or foul drainage systems.

Ground penetration radar is just one method of checking for services onsite. It is also a technique used ahead of major construction or basement excavation work.

Working to a Plan

Once we understand the risks, we can prepare method statements to overcome those risks and create a detailed plan of action. Mistakes can prove fatal to groundwork contractors. This is why we take the time to establish site conditions carefully, and to make sure our personnel have the skills and the training needed to keep safe when working on projects in Maidstone or the surrounding Kent and Medway areas.

The contractors at our groundwork company have CSCS and CITB training. Foremen have SMSTS and SSSTS qualifications. They frequently report to our company’s Health & Safety Officer.

Working Methods

Some types of work, like laying foundations, require more than just a shovel or a spade. Structural alterations and basement excavations need a little more than hand tools too. Bon Groundwork Ltd minimises the potential for contact between groundwork contractors and underground services by using plant, and techniques such as suction or vacuum excavation.

When working on foul drainage and surface water systems in Maidstone, we equip personnel with the PPE required to protect them against close contact with contaminated wastewater.

Continuous Improvement

Nothing stays the same forever, and this is particularly true of site safety. Our groundwork company keeps up to speed with changes in current legislation, in construction and basement excavation techniques, and in systems for foundations, surface wastewater and foul drainage. A culture of continuous improvement ensures our safety standards keep moving forward.

This is excellent news for customers, clients and developers in the Maidstone area, who have the reassuring of knowing our groundwork contractors can cope with risk effectively.

Call 01689 862285 to discuss basement excavation, foul drainage and foundations. We welcome enquiries from domestic customers, commercial clients and developers in Maidstone.

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