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Foul Drainage and Foundations in Sevenoaks

Two of the most important elements to groundwork services, construction work and basement excavations are foundations, and the connection to the foul drainage network of the mains sewer system. A groundwork company has to be very experienced in these areas, particularly if they are like Bon Groundwork Ltd and adopt the principles of value engineering.

Based in Orpington, we cover all locations in Kent and Medway including Sevenoaks. Value engineering is at the core of our company so, whenever you use the services of our groundwork contractors, we’ll make sure the job comes in at a sensible cost without any compromises in material choices or quality.

We’re the name to trust for construction and basement excavation work in Sevenoaks because we use the latest techniques and systems. We also have 400+ years of combined experience in foundations and foul drainage systems, more than almost any other groundwork company in our region.


The foundations are, undoubtedly, the most important part of any construction project in the Sevenoaks area. Foundations are the lowest part of the physical construction. On new builds, the design safely distributes the weight of the property to provide it with the firmest of footings. In basement excavation, we think of foundations as a structural alteration process, one that usually relies on underpinning.

When working on foundations, groundwork contractors have several things to consider. These can include the impact on nearby surface water and foul drainage systems, soil conditions and previous land use. These are all things our own groundwork company accounts for on every job undertaken.

There are two types of foundations that we work with – shallow and deep. The shallow design makes the best choice for individual and isolated footings, for combined footings, for strip foundations and for raft (or mat) foundations.

The deep design is the better choice for projects in Sevenoaks which require pile foundations, drilled shafts or caissons. This is the design most commonly used in basement excavation.

Foul Drainage

When providing groundwork services for any type of build in Sevenoaks that will have a clean water supply and wastewater runoff, we have to take surface water and foul drainage into account. This isn’t a problem for our groundwork contractors, who can tie mains sewer connections into work on foundations, completing these phases of construction simultaneously to enable other works, either temporary or permanent.

This is a part of our service range that also has a strong connection with basement excavation and construction work.

Surface water is runoff from pavements, roads and rooftops. It discharges into the drainage system and into the part of the mains sewer that disperses non-contaminated water safely into a nearby ditch, stream or river. Sometimes, it will disperse into a soakaway – something our drainage company can install for you to stop pooling water issues. Standing water around your home or business could compromise the foundations.

Foul drainage is wastewater derived from toilets, sinks, baths, showers and appliances. It runs through a different part of the drainage system to a local plant for treatment. During construction and basement excavation work in Sevenoaks, it is vital we keep surface water and foul drainage separated.

In doing so, we keep land conditions sanitary. You can view some of our previous work on foundations and drainage systems on the relevant part of our company website.

Call 01689 862285 to discuss basement excavation, foul drainage and foundations. We welcome enquiries from domestic customers, commercial clients and developers in Sevenoaks.

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