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Groundwork Company in Tunbridge Wells | Core Services from Bon Groundwork Ltd

Bon Groundwork Ltd is an established groundwork company from Orpington. We’ve covered Kent and Medway since 1979. Today, Tunbridge Wells is one of our main service areas. We can help private customers, commercial clients and developers with a wide range of solutions, but we specialise in several key disciplines – basement excavation, foundations and foul drainage. We do, however, offer a complete service range.

For example, our groundwork contractors also offer hard landscaping services in the Tunbridge Wells area, and they can work with cobbles, concrete or block paving. Our groundwork company also has a firm foot in most types of construction.

This page takes a closer look at three key services already mentioned in more detail but, should you need to discuss our wider range of solutions, please contact us on 01689 862285. Our groundwork company will be happy to hear from you.

Basement Excavation

Bon Groundwork Ltd is a specialist in groundwork excavation and construction. We can build two types of basement for your Tunbridge Wells property, either a retrofit basement that will require structural alteration to the current foundations, or an under-garden basement which, while we may have to make some alterations to the property, will often be independent.

While working on the foundations of a property, our groundwork contractors can connect to the surface water and foul drainage pipework of the mains sewer system should your basement excavation and construction work need a water supply.


Our groundwork company can’t emphasise the importance of foundations strongly enough. Good foundations support the weight loads of constructions in the Tunbridge Wells area, distributing it safely into the surrounding soil structure. Foundations aren’t exclusive to basement excavations. Houses and garages need foundations, as do hard landscaping elements.

Our work on surface water and foul drainage systems is important because, if the pipework has links or poor connections, you could have issues with standing water around your property and this can compromise the foundations.

Our groundwork contractors make sure this never happens.

Foul Drainage

Any property in the Tunbridge Wells area that has a mains sewer fixing will have two different connections, one for surface water and another for foul drainage. Our groundwork company has experience in both. Surface water is clean, uncontaminated water that runs from rooftops, pathways and highways, into the system from guttering and storm drains.

Eventually, this water disperses into ditches, streams, rivers or, if you have one installed, a soakaway. We often recommend soakaway excavation and installation to protect basements and foundations if surface water doesn’t disperse from your land. Foul drainage is wastewater from baths, sinks, toilets and domestic appliances. It needs to stay separated from surface water, so it runs independently to a local sewage plant, close to your Tunbridge Wells property, for treatment.

Our experience in basement excavation and foundations means our groundworker contractors need to be experts in foul drainage too. This is why customers and clients in Tunbridge Wells see us as a one-stop service provider that also keeps costs down by adhering to the principles of value engineering.

Call 01689 862285 to discuss basement excavation, foul drainage and foundations. We welcome enquiries from customers, clients and developers in the Tunbridge Wells area.

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